Whilst there is a perception that cleaning services are all the same it is our contention that they are all different and require varying and flexible solutions.

A shopping centre cannot be treated the same as a commercial building, but then each shopping centre cannot be treated the same as they are all unique, in design, socially and economically.

ATS’s cleaning division offers and approaches individual and tailored cleaning and presentation services, focusing on the three core operating times and functions:

- Day Cleaning;
– Night Cleaning; and
– External and Specialised Services.


Our day cleaners are trained in all aspects of maintenance cleaning, emergency response, customer service and presentation, focusing on customer perception and interaction.


Our night cleaners are focused and trained on all aspects of floor preparation, pressure cleaning, buffing and detailing. The crew has a clear focus on making sure the property is ready for use by traders, businesses, staff, visitors, patrons or the general public.


The external cleaning and presentation crew is focused on window, awning & sign cleaning, pressure washing, chewing gum & graffiti removal and façade & roof restoration.

Through our strategic alliance and joint venture partnership, we offer innovation within the high- pressure industry; our “State-of-the-Art” multi-purpose washing and cleaning systems simultaneously. Water used and effluent from grease and oils to dirt and solid particles are captured, cleaned and re-cycled for numerous uses.

While many companies have made an effort to reduce water usage and recycle, our partner is one of very few Worldwide companies that have designed, developed and implemented a true “CLEAN, CAPTURE & RECYCLE” system.

Our service range covers:
• Graffiti Removal and Prevention Shields
• High Pressure – Hard Surface Cleaning
• Chewing Gum Removal
• Facade and Roof Restoration
• Spillage and Containment Services
• Portable Recyclable Wash Pads
• Surface Etching and Epoxy Floor Coverings