Kevah Solutions are the forms on our handheld and the associated reports in Word and Excel, which can be branded in our customerʼs corporate identity. Its strength is that it is easy, flexible and can be tailored to meet any of our customerʼs requirements.
We have a range of pre-formatted template forms and reports that can be the starting point prior to tailoring the system to suit each individual customers needs. The system provides access to our clients, locations, form library, list library and the ability to control all aspects of the solutions outputs.
The strength of Kevah is the ability for us to take many of our current paper forms & processes and convert them to a wireless electronic medium.


The Praxeo Remote Token Service provides us with an immediate and positive return on investment. For ATS and its customers, the return on investment comes from:

  •  Paying staff for the actual hours worked. An employee “shaving” 15 minutes a day will cost you and us an hour of wages a week (or about four times the Praxeo RTS cost at that site); and
  • Ensuring staff are on site is most important and with Praxeo RTS we ensure that staff arrive, and leave on time. For our customers, the same applies – being transparent and showing our customers that they are getting what they are paying for is a key part of ATSʼs ethics. In addition to these financial returns, Praxeo RTS provides unique secondary benefits – including:
  • Meeting our duty of care – ensuring that staff who work at remote, isolated or unsupervised locations arrive and leave work safely; and
  • Praxeo RTS answers the questions on sites that were up until now



Ensuring we manage the process of staff attendance, induction and training is becoming more and more important and with integrity of service delivery and hours worked being a key focus of our customers we utilize the Praxeo system for major contracts to confirm to our customers our attendance and compliance to all aspects of the service. We provide assurance in all aspects of attendance, authority…